Sports Injuries

Succumbing to an injury when playing your favourite sport is frustrating.

Not only does it introduce pain to all aspects of your life, it prevents you from participating in the activities you love the most.

The temptation is to ignore the pain or mask it with pain killers. All too often this leads to your injury getting worse until you have to stop playing altogether.

Seeking help from a Bodymaster practitioner early on can prevent your injury from becoming a lot more serious.

Your therapist may prescribe a course of remedial massage or physiotherapy, depending on your specific injury. You might even find that with a course of osteopathy, acupuncture or the help of techniques such as Kinesiology Taping you can continue to play sport without the risk of making your situation worse. It’s this unique, multi-disciplined approach to physical therapy that makes the Bodymaster method the technique professional athletes trust to keep them at the top of their game.

Kinesiology Taping Techniques for Sports Injuries by John Gibbons, Bodymaster.

The result for you is that you’ll regain mobility and be free of pain.

Once again you’ll be able to compete without holding back. You can return to playing at the top of your game with the confidence that stretching for that ball won’t result in agonising pain that’ll leave you unable to play for the next month.

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Sports injury treatment by John Gibbons, Bodymaster