Due to the Coronavirus, I’m sorry to say that we’ve had to close the Bodymaster Clinic in Oxford permanently and will not be reopening.

Meanwhile, stay safe and look after each other.

John Gibbons
The Bodymaster

Bodymaster Treatment

Live your life without the pain of injuries and long-standing conditions. Find qualified Bodymaster Method practitioners and get treatment that works.

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Oxford Rowing team success John Gibbons Bodymaster

Peak Sport Performance

For professional athletes and Oxford University students. Get Bodymaster Sports Therapy at the iconic Iffley Road Stadium – the site of Roger Bannister’s four minute mile.

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Enjoy a strong, supple healthy body with Bodymaster Yoga & Pilates

Preventative Classes

Build strength and work on those abs with our Pilates classes. Or relax and unwind in our Yoga classes.

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The Bodymaster Method

The Bodymaster Method is a multi-disciplined approach to manual therapy; acknowledging that the sheer complexity of the human body requires a range of treatment for successful recovery and peak performance.

A consultation with a qualified Bodymaster practitioner assesses the presenting symptoms and draws on expertise across a wide spectrum of healing practices to determine the best course of treatment. The result is that it works. Your Bodymaster practitioner becomes your single point of contact for recovery to optimum physical health. No time wasting referrals, just speedy recovery.

John Gibbons: The Bodymaster

John developed the Bodymaster method as a result of his personal mission to widen his knowledge in healing injury and eliminating pain.

After 20 years of extensive training in methodologies ranging from Osteopathy to Acupuncture, the Bodymaster method was born.

The technique is so successful that John’s Bodymaster training programme is booked up months in advance. John is also a published author and sought after speaker. He also finds time to treat patients personally at his practice in Oxford.