Bodymaster Practitioners

Bodymaster Treatment for a better life

The success of the Bodymaster method is that it doesn’t rely on a single therapeutic practice. Your body is complex and the nature of your injury may need several complimentary treatment methods.

The result is that you get the best therapy for your individual needs, drastically reducing the likelihood of invasive surgery.

Your Bodymaster Therapist

As a fully qualified Bodymaster practitioner, your therapist will have trained under the expert guidance of John Gibbons himself, as well as an additional 3-5 years worth of training. The training is thorough and extensive – John’s students need to pass a total of ten separate therapy training courses before qualifying.

This is why when you receive treatment from a Bodymaster therapist, you’re in the safest of hands.

Your therapist will assess your condition fully before suggesting the most suitable course of treatment. You may need a single session, or several, depending on your individual situation.

Give the Bodymaster method a go, your body will thank you.

Shaneil Tej, Dip BmP

Bedford, UK

Dan Ba Thein, Dip BmP

Swansea, UK

Melinda Beaufoy, Dip BmP

Andover, UK

Neil Beaufoy, Dip BmP

Andover, UK

Blackpool, UK

Era, Dip BmP

Chandigarh, India

Rakesh Kumar, Dip BmP

Chandigarh, India

Elspeth Cowell, Dip BmP

Southminster, Essex, UK

Hysen Tahiri, Dip BmP

Romford, Essex UK

Claudia Monton, Dip BmP

Oxford, UK

Mark Baldry, Dip BmP


David Bailey, Dip BmP


Mark Holdsworth, Dip BmP

Leeds, UK

Abdulaziz Tareq Albhlal, Dip BmP

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Bonnie Southgate, Dip BmP

Dorset, UK

Mark Povey, Dip BmP

Oxford & Salisbury, UK

Nick Jones, Dip BmP

Oxford, UK

Alex Bance, Dip BmP

Salisbury, Wiltshire

Alex Moore, Dip BmP

Poole, UK

Anne-Marie Stuart-King, Dip BmP

Cirencester, UK

Neil Baron, Dip BmP

London, UK

Kathryn Kemp, Dip BmP

Norwich, UK

Gillian Leeman, Bodymaster Practitioner
Gillian Leeman, Dip BmP

Portsmouth, UK

Stephanie Beeson, Dip BmP

Surrey, UK

Eric Williamson, Dip BmP

Nottingham, UK

Gemma Lloyd, Dip BmP

Sports Therapist

Abingdon, UK

Marcus Vinicius Dassie Domingues, Dip BmP

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Joseph O’Dwyer, Dip BmP

London, UK

Denise Thomas, Dip BmP

Oxford, UK

Jon Pringle, Dip BmP


Antoniy Gueorguiev, Dip BmP

San Francisco, USA

Kevin Crawford, Dip BmP

Cornwall, UK

Ian Smith, Bodymaster Practitioner
Ian Smith, Dip BmP

Stafford, UK