Pilates at the Oxford Bodymaster Clinic

Build strength and work on those abs with most effective conditioning technique around.

Feeling uncomfortable or in pain, tense, tired, wary of movement for fear of a joint ‘going’?

Or just not happy with getting your body to move as you’d hoped it would to get where you want to be? We have felt the same, that sense of something holding you back.

What is it?

People assume that from birth you somehow learn to move perfectly. Almost everyone doesn’t move perfectly, some even come to believe that being in discomfort is as good as it gets.

Yet who has ever coached you to use your mind and body as one unit? Nobody!

Our posture [pilates] coaching is about reconnecting your mind and body to work smoothly as one aligned unit, balancing strength with relaxation.

Our classes help you:

  • to learn what is happening when you sit, stand and move,
  • to learn what is limiting you,
  • change the way you use your body to rediscover your natural [not always familiar] movement patterns.

When you do this you’ll experience six key benefits: reduced discomfort, greater energy, less unhelpful tension, speedier recovery, greater strength and endurance, greater elegance and confidence.

The result

You get to perform better, and enjoy a better quality of life.

Pilates classes run several times a week, choose a time to suit you:

Day & Time

Non-Student Price

Student Price


  • 17:30-18:30 (mixed)
  • 18:40-19:40 (mixed)
  • 19:45-20:45 (beginners/improvers)




  • 17:30-18:30 (mixed)
  • 18:40-19:40 (intermediate)


Pilates with David Newport at the Bodymaster Clinic, Oxford

These classes are administered in blocks based around Oxford University term times, and must be booked in blocks. Classes up to 12 people. Mats and blocks provided.

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Where to find us

Classes are held at the clinic and ran by David Newport.

David Newport has a background in personal training, ergonomics, nlp and relaxation.

Read more about David here.

Peak Sporting Performance, situated on the top floor of the grandstand at Iffley Road University Sports Centre.

Oxford University Sports Complex, Jackdaw Lane, Iffley Road, Oxford, OX4 1EQ

For further information, please call David: 07956 360316 or click to email him