General injury

Remember what life was like without pain before your injury?

You could move freely without bracing yourself against the pain. You didn’t have to constantly take painkillers to get through the day.

Or to sleep at night. Everyday life puts stresses and strains on your body. A fall on ice may result in a sprained wrist.

But sometimes the stresses on our body build up gradually.

Poor posture at work or months of hauling a growing toddler into the car cause niggling irritations that grow, over time.

Thanks to the Bodymaster method these ailments can be cured and you can return to your pain-free life.

The method is a system of healing therapy working in harmony with the complexities of the human body.

The road to a full and permanent recovery may require several various therapy techniques, each one working to compliment the others, putting back what life has taken away.

Enjoy a pain free life with general injury treatment from John Gibbons, Bodymaster

The Bodymaster treatment

Thanks to John’s commitment to the training and growth of Bodymaster practitioners you can get the help you need to restore your life.

When John Gibbons put his Bodymaster method together, he took as his motivation his experience in treating a group of individuals that put their bodies under the most extreme pressure day in and day out. The British Army.

The result is a treatment methodology that gives the best in remedial therapy techniques, getting the best results and drastically reduces the need for surgery.

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