Denise Thomas


A recognized skilled practitioner.

Denise began her therapeutic career in 2001 when she set up her own practice as a massage therapist.

She quickly gained recognition as a skilled practitioner, gaining national media attention when, during a Reflexology session, she correctly diagnosed a patient with cancer and effectively saved his life.

Today, as a graduate of the Bodymaster method ®, Denise utilises her extensive skill set to treat a diverse range of symptoms.

As well as treating students and the general public in the Oxford area, Denise also treats professional level athletes who travel from afar to see her.

John Gibbons Bodymaster

Like John, Denise has qualifications in a broad set of disciplines, including remedial massage, sports therapy, holistic therapy and muscle energy techniques.

Denise uses ‘The Bodymaster Method ®’ to treat a variety of chronic problems

By combining techniques learnt from Osteopathy, Sports Therapy, Remedial Massage and variants of Muscle Energy Techniques, Denise successfully treats a diverse spectrum of individuals and teams, from general public to the elite Olympian!

Her speciality is Sports & Advanced Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, in combination with The Bodymaster Method ®, helps to realign and correct the balance of muscles, restoring movement by releasing fascia and soft tissue, making it ideal for chronic conditions, work or sport related RSI, hypertonicity, scar tissue and those with secondary bio-mechanical problems.

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