“Despite coming to John with a rib injury that had been getting progressively worse for 12 month’s, he managed to get me back on the water in just two weeks. I returned to the USA to continue with the Pro Tour and broke the Australian record for slalom Waterskiing at my very next tournament. None of the medical professionals I saw in the USA could relieve my pain and John fixed me in two weeks. I would not have continued skiing without John’s treatment. I have now signed with Connelly Waterskis and I am beginning my career as a professional waterskier injury free.”

John Gibbons, Bodymaster
Joel Howley

“While working for John on his website and promotional material, I was suffering with a nagging tennis elbow. During a meeting he gave me a brief but very detailed explanation of exactly what causes tennis elbow, and a quick exercise I could do at any time to help alleviate it. Within two weeks the pain was entirely gone. I sent my wife to see him with a long-standing shoulder pain and he fixed it in one session.
He really is The Bodymaster – no wonder his courses are booked solid!”

Simon Gregory, Clear and Creative